AZ Rent to Own

Is RTO Right for You?

Do you make at least $2000 or more per month?

Are you frustrated by putting offers on homes, only to lose out to cash buyers?

Is your credit score between 580 and 640?

Have you gotten turned down for a loan recently?

AZ RTO Homes takes clients from “credit to keys,” with affordable, homeowner-ready renovated houses with monthly payments that are often less than what it would cost to rent the same property.

We specialize in clients with subpar, subprime credit below 620 and have even helped clients with FICO scores of 580 and below. That’s because we own the homes our clients buy, giving us the flexibility to offer low payments with the best rates around.

Buying a home through AZ RTO Homes means you can start earning equity rather than wasting money on rent. Not only will it save you thousands of dollars, homeownership represents a financial nest egg. Have peace of mind knowing you have net worth in your home.

Our team also teaches clients how to manage their financial profile and provides resources to help clients get approved for the most affordable home financing around.