AZ Rent to Own

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in AZ RTO Homes. Below is a list of frequently asked questions; if you can’t find an answer to your question(s), please feel free to contact us at 602 903-7610 to speak with a representative today.

Who is AZ RTO Homes?
AZ RTO Homes is a real estate investment company whose goal is to make homeownership a reality, by offering move-in ready, rent-to-own homes with affordable payments. We are not a real estate brokerage that is representing you to buy a private seller’s home; however, some of the principles and/or investors of AZ RTO Homes do have real estate licensing, but are not attempting to engage or represent you in this manner.
Can I look at your homes?
Yes. Once you complete a financial profile and have given us at least 24 hours to review it, we will compile and present to you a list of homes you qualify for. This process is designed to save you time, money, and even heartache during your home shopping experience.
Why do I have to complete a financial profile?
It is necessary for us to compare how much debt you have in comparison to how much money you earn, in order to present to you a list of homes that you can afford. We have a large inventory of RTO homes that range from moderate to high-end, and we want to make sure each customer is appropriately matched.
Will you be pulling my credit history?
Yes. Unless you have a recent mortgage credit report from a reputable credit reporting agency that we can use to assess your financial status. Otherwise, it is necessary for you to allow our team and or preferred lenders to pull your credit report.
I was recently turned down for a home loan due to my bad credit, will you be able work with me?
Yes. Many of our customers have been turned down for a mortgage loan one or more times in the past. With AZ RTO Homes, its not if you can own, it’s when! Our highly trained team of financial advisors will explore endless avenues to ensure you get approved for the home of your dreams.
How much does it cost to get into one of your homes?
Anywhere from $1,500 to 3.5% of the purchase price depending on what you qualify for and where you want to live.
How do you make it so affordable to own a home?
When you sign up for our Earnest Program, not only does your investment get credited towards your new home’s closing costs, but we match your monetary contribution so that you literally save thousands of dollars.
How are you able to offer such an amazing program?
At AZ RTO Homes we acquire and renovate your home before you make your purchase. This allows us to offer you lower monthly purchase payments and better incentives over any traditional homes for rent or sale.
In what condition are the homes you have to offer?
We renovate all homes in need of a makeover, ensuring to install high-end upgrades before presenting them to potential buyers. These home improvements typically include granite counterstops, new/refinished cabinets, flooring upgrades, custom 3-tone paint, concrete stain, garage floor epoxy, front- and back-yard landscaping, house fixtures, and much more. Our homes will give any brand new home a run for its money, guaranteed!
How long does it take to move into an AZ RTO home?
It’s easy, as soon as we receive the right documentation, you’re approved for the loan, and you’ve found your perfect home, you can move in! Assuming all renovations have been completed, this process can take as little as 2 days!
What if I’m not approved?
Remember, at AZ RTO Homes it’s not if your approved, but when you’re approved! When you put down money in our company’s Earnest Program, we simply take you through the “get approved,” “select your home” buying process. Please speak with an AZ RTO Homes’ sales specialist for further details.
How much earnest money do I have to come up with?
The average amount of earnest money that is contributed is $1,500; however, we encourage you to speak with an AZ RTO Homes’ sales associate for information about our affordable payment plan options in the event you cannot pay this sum out of pocket.
What if I don’t like any homes you have in your inventory?
Our extensive inventory of homes always features multiple choices for buyers of all earning levels. If you are unable to find a home within our collection that meets your specific needs, we can search the market and acquire a home for you, ensuring you receive all of the benefits that AZ RTO Homes’ buyers enjoy.
Where are your homes located?
We have homes located throughout Maricopa and Pinal counties. Ask an AZ RTO Homes’ associate for details on locations and neighborhoods. Our inventory changes often and without prior notice to potential buyers, so don’t wait, act today!